Spa Hotel Emmaquelle


Family, tradition, and future - is our motto. 
We are a family owned hotel, which has grown over the years and with the vision for innovative ideas for the future! 
Our family hotel is steeped in tradition with the motto "Family, Tradition and Future", our tapestry of the hospitality, we provide our valued guests. We care about the welfare of our guests on a daily basis, to make your stay memorable and comfortable. 
The tradition of living grandmother Emma Scheer, who is also the founder and family members Anneliese and Stefan Tropper, Robert Tropper, Monika and Stefan Tropper, Laura Marie and Katharina are the youngest family members. Our aim is that Laura Marie and Katharina, the 4th generation, secure our future. 


All rooms feature TVs, complimentary wireless LAN and delight with lovingly arranged details. Warm colours create a languorous ambiance. The rooms are equipped with a comfortable bed, desk and comfy seating furniture. A bathtub or shower and the toilet can be found in the bathroom.
Emmaquelle is open all year round.

Living space

In addition to your hotel room there is plenty of space in the hotel, where your holiday is a rich living experience with a cosy living room, spacious dining room and a large sunny hotel terrace.

Our cosy living room is tastefully furnished in a relaxing colour scheme and lots of plants. We also offer you a well stocked library with a selection of recreation reading material which includes novels, magazine and informative picture books about our location at Vulkanland.  

Treat yourself for a few days of being pampered in our relaxing green calming environment and feel your energy balance return and regenerated. 

Your Hosts

Robert Tropper

He influences the primary operations of Spa Hotel Emmaquelle. His lives his passion as a host. With warmth and competence to greet, attend and take one’s leave from his guests. In his free time, he takes part in various marathon including New York, Chicago, Tokyo and Berlin.  

Anneliese and Stefan Tropper

The restoration and reconstruction of Spa Hotel Emmaquelle is due to their expertise and passion. Ms. Anneliese Tropper is in charge of the kitchen and her husband Stefan is helpful in every aspect of running the hotel. Their passions are especially attributed to the production of wine in our region. They are responsible for the restoration and reconstruction of Spa Hotel Emmaquelle.

Emma Scheer

The soul of the inn - with love and dedication is devoted to every detail in and around the house, thus ensuring all a pleasant holiday atmosphere. Her specialty is the cuisine - so guests can enjoy traditional delicacies.


Our team support us to make sure that our guests receive the best service, hospitality and experience. 

Thermal Spring

Thermal spa

Architecture inspired by nature: generous use of glass, wood and stone creates an exclusive atmosphere of peace, quiet and comfort at the Bad Gleichenberg spa. Swimming amid the Kurpark, no entertainment program for kids here, no water slides – this is perfect peace. The ideal atmosphere to do something for your health. 
  • Healing pool covering a surface area of 2,500m²
  • Indoor and outdoor pools
  • Exclusive sauna area, special infusions
  • Spacious wooden terrace with view of the thermal park that covers 20 hectares of land


Classic partial body massage 30 min. € 38,-
Classic full-body massage 50 min. € 57,-
Reflexology massage 30 min. € 38,-

Combi-massage 60 min. € 63,-
Lazy day package 75 min. € 81,-

Cosmetic treatment "enjoy" 45 min. € 47,-
Cosmetic for men 60 min. € 67,-
Whole-body peeling 20 min. € 22,-
Body pack 30 min. € 40,-

Hot thermal water

The healing springs of Bad Gleichenberg - the name is derived from the "gleichen bergen" or "similar mountains" that paint a particularly pretty picture - founded in 1834.

All hot water springs have in common the healing powers of water that gushes out of the depths of volcanic rock and is being scientifically researched since around three years. The medical findings are reassuring: a bath in Styrian mineral water is beneficial for one's health in several ways - it reduces stress levels, creates a feeling of well-being and seems to work best for those who need it most: people who suffer from stress. So immerse yourself in our pleasantly warm springs and enjoy a time-out with saunas and massages.



All our produce are local. The fresh crisp salad, vegetables and meat from farmers, the fine "Vulkanland”-specialties, and many other delicacies are prepared, to satisfy even the hobby epicurist’s taste.  

We want our guests to enjoy the ambiance of our restaurant as we care about your well being. 

Half - board

We offer a three choice menu as follows:
  • Half board PLUS   (breakfast and / or lunch, dinner)
  • Lunch and dinner  salad buffet or cooked meal
  • À la carte  order from the menu
  • Afternoon tea consists of a Sweet buffet daily from 12 to 15.30 p.m.

Regional wine

To accompany your delicious meal a wine from South Eastern Styria is a must. Our wine specialist Stefan Tropper would be delighted to recommend a variety of wines and you are welcome to come along for a wine tasting at our VINOEck.

Hotel Rooms